Nor too much or too little, taking the Halong Bay trip with traditional wooden junk is the best ideal to take you back to the time, no hussle or bussle of the morden life , no any signal of the city, even the wifi. Onboard one of the Garden Bay Cruises, you would take the longer cruising time at Bai Tu Long Bay – the farest and most remoted area of Halong, where would touch and feel, live the real almostphere of the heritage.


Luxury cruises don't have to cost an arm and a leg. At Tonkin Cruises, the way luxury defined is upon your satisfaction with the entire journey with us. Most importantly, there are so many included in the price! To help you free from hassle in budgeting your cruise plan, all of our cruises include taxes, insurances, all meals, entertainment, attractions entrance fees and so much more.

Stay away from the crowd and feel home from home in our 10 to 14-cabin-or-less-traditional junk with a convivial crew.  You will soon feel part of the big happy family of Tonkin Cruises and receive the warmest welcome from our friendly family-based-crew members who all live and breathe the sea with the tradition of sailing and serving thousands of passengers and an utmost desire: to share the love of Halong Bay and to bring the best of this world's wonder to our passengers. On top of that, you will receive 
very personalized and attentive service because we understand that the friendliness and efficiency of our staff and crew contribute an extra element that money can't buy.
A strong local
 flavor is found in every journey with us.  From the ship ambiance, the wooden oriental design, the food served onboard to exotic islets, dramatic caves and untouched beaches, you will surely savor the great cultural, historical and natural diversity of the ancient Bay and its local life that we passion to share. Our medium-sized wooden junks give easy access to secluded areas within the bay and its surroundings. Our crew family of local roots is always eager to welcome and serve you in the truly Vietnam and Halong sense. Yes, isn't it best to experience the authenticity of a place through its local people?

While we place unobtrusive attention at your service, your privacy is strongly reserved. We go in a less crowded route, we anchor over a quiet area and we are there ahead just when you need. You are welcomed to discover unique and more private ports of call within the Bay in a private, convivial and relaxed environment. This will be your journey, your moment, your 
life joy.

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