With Garden Bay, safety comes first in the operation including design, construction methods and materials, refurbishment standards, life-saving equipment, fire protection, safety training, and drill procedures, among dozens of other precautions. All of the inspections test all watertight doors, firefighting equipment, fire- and smoke-detecting systems, fire screen doors, communications systems, alarm systems, lifeboats, and life rafts, lifejackets and buoys, distress signals and all navigational equipment as well as food safety standards.

Garden Bay adheres to stringent, internationally-agreed standards as set forth by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Vietnam Transport Ministry and related Services.
Until now, Garden Ba
y has maintained the best safety record in the travel industry, and safety standards on junk boats are stricter and more consistent than in any other segment of the travel industry. In addition, our crew members are fully licensed, highly responsible and have may years of experience in the water.

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